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Dalton GA Pressure Washing Services

Professional Pressure Washing Services in and around Dalton GA including, Chatsworth, Ringgold, Calhoun, Rocky Face, and outlying areas near Dalton.

Residential Pressure Washing

Whether you are looking to give the gift of professional pressure washing or to get a jump on planning your Spring cleaning, Townsends Under Pressure has you covered. Take advantage of our early booking and get in contact now!

Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial building cleaning, roof cleaning, dumpster pads, concrete cleaning, restaurants, churches, hotels, apartments, store fronts, high foot traffic areas.

Concrete Sealing Services

Learn more about our Concrete Sealing Services which provide easier maintenance, visual appeal, and longer lasting protection to your concrete, pavers, stone, etc.

Specialty Cleaning Services

Just ask - when it comes to exterior cleaning we are experts. Including: Graffiti removal, mural protection, oxidation removal, roof cleaning, rust removal, efflorescence removal.

Sparkle and Shine

Make your Property look new again!

We specialize in giving your property that brand new feel again.  We can take away dirt and grim and make that roof, house, driveway, you name it shine again.

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If it is Dirty we can clean it

We use the best equipment and the best techniques to clean your dirty surfaces.  We are not a fly by night service, we guarantee our work and are licensed and insured.

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Best Pressure Washing Practices

We know when to use soft wash versus traditional pressure washing.  The difference matters and is not understood by many inexperienced Pressure Washing companies.

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